About AZ Connection Pty Ltd

AZ Connection Pty Ltd is a vibrant and progressive service center specialized in international education and cultural communication. Since we establishing in 2011 in Melbourne, AZ Connection has created solid partnerships with a considerable quantity of organizations throughout United Kingdom; United States of America; Canada; Australia; New Zealand etc.

AZ Connection has facilitated more than 20 Chinese institutes to carry out Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools with overseas organizations, and other international collaborations, including Foundation Year Programs, Mutual Credit Transfer and Exchange, Articulation Pathway Arrangements (e.g. Diploma Degree to Bachelor Degree and Bachelor Degree to Master Degree), Educators Overseas Training Programs, Study Tours etc. In the same time, AZ Connection also actively organizes foreign teachers and students to visit China, in order to promote Chinese culture.

We always obedience to the belief “Do What You Say, Say What You Do” and sincerely deliver world-class service to our Chinese and overseas collaborative organizations, aiming to be the authentic bridge connecting the Sino and foreign institutes in the aspect of education and cultural communications.