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About Us

AZ Connection Pty Ltd (AZC) is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, and has offices in several provinces and cities in China. Over the past 12 years, AZC fully integrates overseas quality education resources, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with nearly 200 institutions in 33 countries around the world, including nearly 20 institutions that ranked QS Top 100. AZC focuses on Sino-foreign cooperative education, overseas education promotion, international skills training, and has successfully operated more than 30 Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions and joint delivery programs; successfully sent more than 2,000 teachers and students to overseas universities for research and study; organized more than 500 experts and technicians to go overseas to improve their skills. Based on the precipitation and accumulation of the past 12 years, AZC will continue to take root in the field of international education, and is determined to provide more domestic colleges and institutions with long-term quality services.

Joint Delivery Program

  • 1

    Assist foreign institutions to match high-quality China partner institutions, pin down the cooperation majors and modes, and sign cooperation agreement.

  • 2

    Assist Chinese and foreign colleges and universities to formulate training plans for joint delivery programs, prepare application materials, and strive for the approval of Chinese education authorities.

  • 3

    Assist both institutions in the operation and management of joint delivery programs, including but not limited to foreign teacher aervice, student consulting, visa application and student studying abroad and teacher training.

Study Abroad Program

Based on the accumulation in the past 12 years, AZC has accumulated more than 100 China institutions and assisted them in establishing friendly cooperative relations with overseas institutions, building a green channel for domestic teachers and students to go overseas to improve their academic qualifications. AZC's services run through the whole process, including a series of services from overseas college application, visa application, landing service to academic tracking for students and teachers to obtain the ideal degrees.


  • EMI&CLIL Training

  • Food Safety and Drug Regulation Training

  • Health and Wellness Care Training

  • Eco-Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Fishery Technology

  • Information Industry and High-Tech Training

  • Emergency Management & Command System

  • Multinational Investment & Capital Operation

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